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Open Source Air Quality Disparities Mapper

1.  Air Quality Disparities Mapper: An Open-Source Web Application for Environmental Justice, ArcGIS Javascript API [website[github

Ambient exposure to PM2.5 is a major health burden and is linked to increased mortality and morbidity. Exposure to harmful air pollution varies precipitously across different socioeconomic groups and is a burden often borne disproportionately by minority and low-income communities. We developed an interactive, web-based air pollution components mapper that is easily accessible to members of the public. The mapper allows to: (i) assess the exposure disparities in exposure to PM2.5 components (e.g, elemental carbon, ammonium, nitrate, organic carbon, sulfate) and (ii) communicate such disparities in a medium that is public-facing and widely digestible to those outside the field. The components mapper combines high-resolution predictions of PM2.5 components from an ensembling machine learning model with demographic data from the U.S. Decennial Census. 

2.  Firearms Retailer School Exclusion Zone Policy ExplorerArcGIS Mapper [website[github

For the period January 2014 to May 2022, we found that for each additional half mile of walking distance between schools and the nearest firearm retailer, the odds of a school gun incident are reduced by 3 to 4 percent. Confining firearm retailers further away from schools might thus be an effective strategy to reduce the traumatic consequences of a school gun incident. 

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