Computational and Methodological Statistics

December 2021, King's College London, Online

George Washington University Invited Seminar

October 2021, Online

2021 Annual Health Econometrics Workshop

October 2021, Emory University, Online

National Studies on Air Pollution and Health Invited Seminar

July 2021, Online

European Causal Inference Meeting 

May 2021, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Online

University of Florence Invited Seminar

May 2021, Online

ASSA 2021 Virtual Meeting

January 2021, American Economic Association, Online

Computational and Methodological Statistics

December 2020, King's College London, Online

Causal Data Science Meeting

November 2020, Maastricht University and Copenhagen Business School, Online [slides]

Conference on Nontraditional Data & Statistical Learning with Applications to Macroeconomics

November 2020, Bank of Italy and Federal Reserve Board Joint Conference, Online [slides]

Credit Scoring and Credit Rating Conference

October 2020, School of Finance, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Online

St. Gallen University Invited Seminar

October 2020, Online

Online Causal Inference Seminar

September 2020, Online [link] [slides] [video]

Harvard University Invited Seminar

July 2020, Reading group on causality and machine learning, Online

Data Science for Impact Evaluation webinar (organizer)

July 2020, Online [link] [slides]

International Conference on Machine Learning, 
Optimization, and Data Science

July 2020, Siena, Italy

European Causal Inference Meeting

April 2020, Oslo, Norway [postponed]

Leuven Economics of Education conference

April 2020, Leuven, Belgium [postponed]

Young Economists of Tuscan Institutions conference

March 2020, Pisa, Italy [cancelled]

EU Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science

March 2020, Ribno, Slovenia [cancelled]

Flemish Ministry of Education invited seminar

February 2020, Brussels, Belgium

IMT School for Advanced Studies Research Symposium

November 2019, Lucca, Italy [video]

Bank of England/King's College conference on "Big Data and Machine Learning: Interpretability and Model Uncertainty"

November 2019, London, UK

Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies Research Symposium

October 2019, Pisa, Italy

Harvard Data Science Initiative Research Symposium

May 2019, Cambridge, MA, USA

Atlantic Causal Inference Conference

May 2019, Montréal, Canada

CEPR/EIEF/Bank of Italy conference on "Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth"

December 2018, Rome, Italy

Leuven Economics of Education Research Seminar

December 2018, Leuven, Belgium

5th International Conference on Data Science and Analytics

October 2018, Turin, Italy

IMT School for Advanced Studies Research Symposium

July 2018, Lucca, Italy

European Causal Inference Meeting

April 2018, Firenze, Italy

Workshop on Recent Advances in Public Economics and Quantitative Methods

March 2018, Lucca, Italy